God’s Forgetfulness

March 16th, 2022



Psalm 103:1-12

How many of us have walked into a room and forgotten why, what we were looking for, or what we had intended to do there? It is a helpless feeling to be unable to remember something, to retrieve some information from the depths of our minds, and this is why the prospect of suffering from age-related dementia is so troubling.

Our memories, many of them at least, are precious to us. Surely there are things in all of our lives that we would rather forget: insults, embarrassments, trauma, and heartbreak. Millions of dollars are spent each year in search of some pharmaceutical aid that would improve our ability to bring to mind those events and that information that all too often seems to slip from our mental grasp.

As is true of so many things, what is a weakness and an infirmity for humans, is a strength for God. God’s ability to not only forgive our iniquities and transgressions but to separate them from himself, casting them into a sea of forgetfulness that is best described through a metaphor that portrays the infinite distance of the east from the west, is made possible by His unfailing love.

Author: Tasha Alison

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