Glorious Freedom

March 15th, 2022



Psalm 32:6-11

When the Underground Railroad helped enslaved African-Americans find their way out of bondage, they didn’t just lead them to the edge of the slave-holder’s property, but they guided them on the remainder of their journeys through fields and forests, over rocks and through rivers until they found rest in a safer place.

God, too, not only sets us free from our sins, but through His Spirit guides and directs us as we make our way, surrounding us with His unfailing love. God provides a hiding place; keeping us out of reach of the rising waters of trials and tribulation, surrounding us with songs of deliverance. This is the imagery that the Psalmist in Psalm 32 uses to describe the salvation and direction that God provides.

We can be reminded that not only is Jesus our “glorious emancipator,” but He is also the one of whom the Psalmist sings. Jesus instructs, counsels, and keeps His loving eye upon us, granting not only liberty but guidance as we travel toward the promised land.

Author: Tasha Alison

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One Response to “Glorious Freedom”

  1. Vonda Says:

    March 15th, 2022 at 10:23 am

    What a good comparison! Helping us, hiding us, and pointing the way. Sometimes He walks with us. Sometimes He sends us on our way with instruction and provisions for the journey.

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