One Body

March 18th, 2022



Ephesians 4:25-32

When Paul wrote his letter to the followers who had gathered themselves together into the various newly formed Christian churches in cities like Ephesus and Corinth, he often advised them to remember that they were, in a very real sense, the body of Christ that was to be poured out for others. When divisions arose because of self-righteousness, pride or elitism, whether social, moral or spiritual, Paul tactfully, but clearly reminded them of their calling.

Paul uses the metaphor of the body and tells the members of new Christian churches that none of the body’s members are dispensable, nor are any more important than another. More than this, the function of each member of the body was not to glorify themselves but to use their gifts and knowledge and abilities for the edification of their brothers and sisters in Christ and for the building of the kingdom through the proclamation of the message of the cross.

Our call as followers of Jesus is to use our resources for the building up of the church and the expansion of the kingdom.

Author: Tasha Alison

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