Ready For Relief

February 6th, 2022

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Psalm 34:1-10

In the middle of deep trouble, deliverance came just in time. What seemed like an impossible situation was met with the provisions of God. Maybe you have experienced relief like this. Perhaps you’ve received a serendipitous gift at the moment of a financial crisis. Maybe an estranged friend unexpectedly reached out to you with an open heart of reconciliation. Or it might be that a huge failure broke open something new and life-giving for you. There is a remarkable rush of thankfulness and joy when desperation and fear give way to salvation. David rightly identified the Lord God as the source of this goodness.

If we are facing trouble today, let us not give in to despair.  God is very near and sees us. David encourages even the afflicted to “hear and rejoice” (v. 2). God’s deliverance is reliable for all who depend on the Lord. The Lord will provide every good thing we need. And when the Lord answers us, let us turn our relief into songs of endless praise.

Author: Lori Ward

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