Grace and Availability

February 7th, 2022

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Matthew 19:30—20:1-8

In a world where the primary measure of our worth is our productivity. Jesus makes one thing clear: the way we measure things is not the way things are valued in the kingdom of God.

“Day laborers” exist around the world, people who gather at a place where those who need workers for an hour or two, or a day or two, come and hire them. There is no guarantee of future work, and those waiting for someone to hire them, are usually at the lowest end of economic “worth.” They seem to have little to offer, but the one doing the hiring is often desperate. In those cases, the need is not necessarily for “productivity,” but for availability.

This kingdom story invites us to consider, not our “productivity,” but the measure of our “worth” to the kingdom of God. It invites us to a place of utter availability. That is a humbling place to be. And we often find it hard to just be “available” to Jesus. But the gracious invitation to join Him in His work is always calling.

Author: Jesse Middendorf

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