January 20th, 2022

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Matthew 13:36-46

At times we face circumstances beyond our control. Although we may not be able to control the outcome, we can control how we choose to navigate these experiences.

Several years ago, I was waiting in an airport terminal and heard my name announced over the public address system asking me to come to the customer service counter. As I approached the counter, a man was there yelling at the agent, it was obvious he had been bumped from his flight.

As I stepped up to the agent I said, “I’m sorry you had to go through that, I guess I’m being bumped too?” The agent smiled and said, “It’s okay, he’s headed to Miami, maybe the sun will do him good.” Then the agent leaned in and said in a hushed tone, “Too bad his luggage is headed to Houston!” She smiled and asked, “How would you like to be upgraded to first-class?”

As I settled into my oversized first-class seat, I reflected on what had just happened. Being nice and cordial to others in the midst of trying times doesn’t always lead to comfortable outcomes, but the way we choose to navigate difficult circumstances determines God’s potential within us.

Author: Kelly Brown

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