Say It Again

January 21st, 2022

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Matthew 13:47-58

Have you ever heard something only to forget it by the next day? Maybe it wasn’t presented in a memorable way or maybe you weren’t giving the information your undivided attention. Rarely do we learn something the first time it’s presented to us. In fact, there have been numerous studies done on the optimal number of times a person must hear or see something before it becomes part of their memory. Results show anywhere from 3 to 20 times of repetition is needed to commit something to memory, with the most widely accepted answer of 7 times. This is known as the “Rule of 7.”

Notice the first two words of Matthew 13 “Once again,” this means it wasn’t the first time Jesus was explaining this truth. Jesus knew it would take several times for us to understand.

Jesus shows the depth of His understanding concerning the humans He created by explaining why some from His hometown did not value Him. Jesus, the Great Teacher, was modeling patience and understanding, two attributes we could all use more of!

Author: Kelly Brown

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