Hope and Encouragement

January 19th, 2022

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Matthew 13:24-35

God uses the parable of weeds to remind us that there will always be both believers and unbelievers. As believers we are not to dismiss or judge those who are against us, but rather we should continue to serve Him and grow in our personal faith. At the right time, God alone will judge and punish the unbelievers. Believers will be gathered to spend eternity with Him.

Some parables are small in length, but they are massively important, which is appropriate because the message of these parables is: important things start as small packages! Jesus uses a mustard seed and yeast to illustrate His point. A mustard seed undergoes incredible transformation from tiny seed to huge tree and a small amount of yeast has the ability to greatly influence dough.

Jesus used the parable to illustrate how the beginning of the gospel is small and slow, but give it time and it will increase greatly! What starts out small and seemingly insignificant has incredible potential for growth and influence given time.

Author: Kelly Brown

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