Cinders and Snow

January 2nd, 2022

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Psalm 51:10-19

Growing up in central Illinois, I attended school in a rather small town. Due to the nature of the environment, any snow we received would either have to be significant (several inches) or (in most cases) drifting in order for school to be canceled for the day. Folks knew how to get around in the snow.

I can distinctly remember riding the bus on one particularly snowy day, and seeing the cinders that were used for traction on the road. This jet black substance was in sharp contrast with the pure whiteness of the snow. As cars and plows continued to use the roadways, the cinder-covered snow became dirty and black.

Just like it is impossible to remove the cinders from the snow, it is impossible for us to remove the stains of sin from our lives. We can try our hardest. We can “be a good person.” We can even go to church regularly and do all the “Christian” things. However, ultimately, it is God, through the resurrection of Christ, and by the power of the Spirit, that we are made clean and pure as new snow.

Allow God to search your heart for any sin that may be hidden.

Author: Stefanie Hendrickson


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