Who Is Judging?

January 3rd, 2022

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Matthew 7:1-12

When you learn about the law, immediately you will want to apply it. The twist is that we like to apply it to others. We often fight for the judges’ seat. It’s so much easier to judge others’ actions than to judge our own actions, decisions, and choices.

When I walk around my block each morning to meditate and talk with the Lord, my mind is full of what others need to be doing, or what they haven’t been doing. Most of the time, it is full of complaints about others. It takes me a few blocks to see that I easily fail like others. Instead I need to look at myself and see that I am a hypocrite. I am criticizing and complaining about others, so what? Does that make me the victim? The hard worker? The hero? Perfection in two feet?

When we point at others, we hide what’s inside us, and we try to escape from the law. I need to bring myself to the altar and let the Lord see in the deepest parts of my soul what needs to be seen. I need to pay attention to the plank and be healed.

Author: Loyda Ruiz

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