God Cares For Us

September 22nd, 2021

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Genesis 9:1-7

How do you know that someone cares for you? Hearing someone say they care may bring a measure of comfort. However, when we are on the receiving end of a tangible expression of God’s care, we feel it in a visceral way that words alone cannot match.

The presence of God—a sense that God is near—is a gift to us as believers. Although we cannot see the Almighty in a physical way, we can know the care of our heavenly Father. The transcendence of God does not preclude an intimate awareness of divine connection and provision.

I remember traveling about 100 miles to a nursing home with my father to visit long-time friend of his. This man had been a great friend to our family. Lying weak and often alone in his bed, our friend spoke of how God had often reminded him that he was never alone, but that it helped in that moment to see my dad’s face and hold on to his strong hand.

Sometimes the hands and face of God look a lot like ours to someone who needs God’s care.

Author: Michael Johnson

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