A Binding Covenant

September 23rd, 2021

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Genesis 9:8-17

I can remember enduring many consecutive days of rain, even to the point of flooding portions of our home on one occasion, but never 40 days in a row.

Imagine what Noah and his family must have thought about halfway into that extended cruise. The storms were howling at times and so were the animals onboard. Steady rain makes even the covered spaces in a dwelling or a boat fell damp and cramped. It probably had taken on a musty, almost putrid smell.

“When is it ever going to stop raining?”

Now imagine how the inhabitants of Noah’s cruise ship felt when they walked out on deck, saw the clear skies.

There is no promise like a God-promise. If there is a break in the covenant between us and God, it will be due to our own choices. The majestic view of a rainbow in the sky reminds us of the greatness of God and the significance of His faithfulness to us. It also serves as an encouragement to keep our end of the bargain!

Author: Michael Johnson

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