God of Second Chances

September 21st, 2021

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Genesis 6:9-22

Country music star, Vince Gill, had a hit a few years ago about a relationship that was in trouble. The plea was for the offender to be forgiven for the apparent ways in which he had let down his beloved. It went further to say that the problems were all just a misunderstanding.

It appears that the people in the time of Noah were almost oblivious to their meandering, unfaithful ways. God looked around and determined that Noah was the only one whose word meant anything. Therefore, Noah and his family were spared, along with all the pairs of animals, from the devastating flood that was to come.

Being human, charting our own course often leads to places we never intended to go, in need of a second, third, or one more last chance to make things right. Our God of second chances took the ultimate chance on us by breathing life into us. He also, through His great grace, offers us the chance dwell with Him in deeper relationship by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Author: Michael Johnson

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