God Is Perfectly Good

September 5th, 2021

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James 1:9-18

Have you ever tried to count your blessings? We have so many blessings from God, don’t we? Think about it: family, friends, church, food, shelter, and Jesus, of course. We are blessed!

Look around you and notice the gifts that God has given you: gifts that light up your life and your world. These gifts reflect the goodness of God. These gifts are testimonies to God’s faithfulness.

God is a generous giver. He is the Father of heavenly lights. Everything that truly lights up the world is a gift from God.  Only God gives good gifts because God is perfectly good.

When I turn on a lamp in my house, the light is only temporary.  It will only last until the electricity is turned off or the bulb burns out. The lights that are man-made are temporary.  Even the sun, moon, and stars come and go in their shining. God’s light is constant.

God has given you these good gifts because He is good. Count your blessings and thank God for the gifts He has given you.  Choose today to bless someone with the gift of your time, and allow His light to shine.

Author: Paul Dazet


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