In His Time

July 13th, 2021

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Ecclesiastes 3:1-11

“The early bird gets the worm; the second mouse gets the cheese.” No one is sure where this witty saying originated. The two words for time in ancient Greek, chronos and kairos, described two realities: minutes, occurring in linear fashion, and opportune moments measured by timeliness. The bird mastered chronological time, but the first mouse was victim to it. A good sense of timing is an art, whether baking pies or pouring concrete; bad timing can be a burden to those with passion who lack wisdom, patience, and purpose.

Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann wrote that though a third of the Psalms involve lament, they are the least used, as we prefer to magnify strength found in praise while avoiding vulnerability revealed in weakness. Yet even a heavy burden becomes beauty “in its time,” as we move beyond chronos time to see God’s kairos, His timing in eternity, His activity from beginning to end.

Author: Bruce Oldham

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