Work By His Presence

July 12th, 2021

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Genesis 3:17-24

Being raised in a large family meant everyone had assigned jobs needed for our household to function. There were certain chores that filled even the most diligent with dread, the less dutiful with delay, and any prone to disobedience to desert altogether. Yet it always seemed when Mom, Dad, or an older sibling came alongside to carry the load together, groans would go away—and sometimes even turn to grins.

We often view the work given to Adam and Eve when cast from the Garden as a curse. The true loss, however, was companionship, purpose found in relationship with a creative God who shaped the universe. When His love is restored, joy in our tasks returns. Dr. Dan Boone wrote, “The primary worship we offer to God is our work, a daily sacrifice of praise to God who sustains us, that ends each day with a prayer that says, ‘This is my offering to you, God.’”* When we do, misery caused by sin dissolves into mission and purpose!

Author: Bruce Oldham

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