Making It Home

July 14th, 2021

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Ecclesiastes 3:12-22

Growing up in southeastern United States, songs about heaven were abundant both in and out of church. I couldn’t understand how people could be a hurry for heaven, when I was having so much fun on earth!

True, my friends and I had interests, dreams, and goals beckoning us to a life invested in achieving them. Hearts surrendered to Christ added an extra incentive to excellence, to “be all we could be” and glorify God as we did. Looking back, it’s clear that working hard and doing good brought joy and satisfaction, as we committed to love God and serve others in every way possible.

Ecclesiastes affirms the value of a life well-lived as a gift to God. What God does in and through us endures forever (v. 14); we can enjoy our work (v. 22) and trust Him to make it count even after life is over (v. 22). Though our bodies return to dust, His Spirit in us will rise to meet Him!

Author: Bruce Oldham

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