Really Good At Judging

May 17th, 2021

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Romans 14:1-12

Derl’s really good at it. You might call him an expert. He’s trying to shake it with God’s help. When he sees someone with tons of tattoos, ear or tongue piercings, different language, sometimes different color of skin he just jumps to a conclusion about who or what they are in life. It can even splash over into his judgment about them on a spiritual level. Is it any wonder that Paul’s letter to Romans hits him hard? He writes, “Why do you judge your brother or sister? Or why do you treat them with contempt?” (v. 10).

Judging is a form of pre-opinion based on deciding who you think a person is before you get to know the person. The truth is, we have never been in their shoes, but we act as if we know all about them. It is as if we are blind to the real person and we don’t want to get to know them.

Jesus taught us that if we judge people then we don’t make the effort to love them, care about them, or share our lives with them. Who in your neighborhood have you been judging? Today attempt to find out about them and love them as Christ would.

Author: Derl Keefer


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