It Starts With Love

May 15th, 2021

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John 21:15-22

Jesus could have started with, “Simon, will you take care of my sheep?” Instead He first asks about love. He asks about love first, because love should be the motivation behind the action. If you love me, you will feed my sheep.

Our service, whether leading a church, singing in choir, rocking a baby, making meals for our neighbors, or cleaning the bathroom should flow from our love for Jesus. We do these things not to atone for our sins or to convince God to love us. We do them as a reflection of God’s love in our lives.

When we love, we desire to serve. When we love, we take responsibility for each other. Love makes us ministers and servants to the world.

Do you demonstrate your love for God in service to others? Does love for Jesus flow out of you into tangible actions that make a difference in your church or community?

What motivates you when you serve? Do you do it out of guilt or for recognition? Ask God to change your heart and behavior where needed.

Author: Chris Gilmore


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