Our Reputation Precedes Us

May 14th, 2021

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John 13:31-38

I was a bit of a troublemaker in college. When I joined a group trip to Guatemala, one of the students was upset because she thought I was going to cause problems. She didn’t know me, but she knew my reputation and that was enough for her. Eventually we ended up getting married. Even before I showed up, I was known.

It is the same for our churches, too. We have reputations and, fair or unfair, they aren’t always very good. We are known by our politics. We are known by our rules. We are known by our social media. These things tarnish the image of the church and Jesus. More and more people want little do to with us because of our reputation.

What if we could reclaim our reputation? What if the world saw us as considerate and kind, trustworthy and selfless? Perhaps the world would more willingly embrace our faith if they knew us to be a loving people.

What things are you or your church known for? Do these things get in the way of the message of Jesus? How can we contribute to a renewed reputation?

Author: Chris Gilmore

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