Love Like You Mean It

May 10th, 2021

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Romans 12:3-10

Were you ever forced to apologize as a child? You may have muttered, “I’m sorry,” but an adult stopped you and said, “Say it like you mean it.”

This is Paul’s instruction to Christians when it comes to loving the local church:  say it, and live it, like you mean it. We must genuinely care for and cherish God’s people, the church. This isn’t optional.

We know this. We believe this, but sometimes we fail to mean it. If love is to be sincere, it will take work. We need God to give us humility, patience, and kindness. We need to be quick to forgive and to ask forgiveness.

Imagine if we sincerely loved our church body. There would be no gossip, no heavy-handedness, and certainly no abuse. Hunger and loneliness would vanish. Each community would be a place where everyone is safe and belongs. This is God’s hope for us.

What steps can you take today to demonstrate your love for the people of God? Where do you need God to empower you to love those you worship with?

Author: Chris Gilmore


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