Making Music Together

May 11th, 2021

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Romans 12:11-21

We seem to divide over any and everything. Too often the church reflects these divisions. We divide over music and carpet colors. We divide by race and culture. We divide by denomination and political affiliation.

This division is detrimental to our witness as Christians, but we need not solve every disagreement in order to faithfully overcome division. God isn’t asking for total agreement or uniformity; God is asking for harmony. In music, harmony doesn’t mean we all sing the same notes. It means we sing in cooperation with each other. We cooperate, despite our differences, to create something fuller and more beautiful than we ever could on our own.

This is God’s vision for the church. Our differences need not divide us. They can be a testimony to the power of God who tears down walls and has come for us all. How might you contribute to the harmony of the local church? To relationships between Christians of various denominations? What song can we sing together?

Author: Chris Gilmore


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