Urgency To Share

March 6th, 2021

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2 Corinthians 8:1-7

It can be a real challenge to teach a toddler to share. Skilled childcare workers and loving parents have developed a knack to do that. They tell me that the first thing the young one needs is a sense of proper ownership. A second thing is the concept of others being persons like we are. A final thing is the joy of selflessness: that is, the ability to really love.

The Macedonian Christians urgently pleaded with Paul to be able to share with others who were in need and particularly to be able to share in the Lord’s service. This is a higher level than pre-school sharing. Paul commends them for their rich generosity and calls them to excel in the grace of giving along with all the other godly virtues.

Mature Christians are generous a) with their finances, tithes, and offerings; b) with their lives of compassion and service; and c) with their participation in the Missio Dei (the mission and purposes of God). They gave themselves first to the Lord (v. 5). As a result, they became known for giving as much as they were able.

Author: Clark Armstrong

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