Keep Looking To Jesus

March 7th, 2021

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Hebrews 12:1-9

In the Olympics, usually there are stories of tremendous victories and accomplishments. In some of the races, there are inspiring accounts surrounding some athlete who is courageous simply by showing up or by finishing.

According to the author of Hebrews, we win by running with our feet the race marked out for us. But we win also with our eyes by keeping them fixed on Jesus.

One gift that God gave Johanna was the ability not to quit. She also had a loyal love, like for Carly (a non-Christian friend) who ran the distance race for their school. Johanna joined the track team at Carly’s pleading to participate with her friend who had no one else to do that event with her.

Carly often won at the meets. Johanna never placed, but she did finish every race at practice and at the meets. This was amazing because Johanna had found out she had leukemia the year before. Two weeks before graduation, Johanna passed away. But not before Carly found Jesus. Well done, Johanna. You inspire us.

Author: Clark Armstrong


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