The Path of Loving Service

February 13th, 2021

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Philippians 1:1-11

Paul begins most of his letters to churches in the customary way one would begin any letter of the day—with an expression of gratitude and thanksgiving for the recipient. This portion of his letter to Philippi, though, is especially warm. Paul is prompted by many factors to bring this effusive greeting to the Philippians, but he especially has in mind their dedication to supporting Paul’s ministry even as he struggles through a dire circumstance.

Paul writes from prison, and he is thanking this loving church for sending financial support to him during this difficult time. Furthermore, he is thanking them for sending a companion and assistant, Epaphroditus. The church of Philippi had given tangible expression of God’s love, sharing what they had with a leader whom they loved.

Paul concludes this expression of gratitude with a heartfelt prayer for the Philippians’ continued growth in the love and understanding of God. Though they have already displayed incredible maturity with their heartfelt service, Paul knows that greater days are ahead if they continue on this path by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Author: Rachel Campbell

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