Uniting For The Kingdom

February 12th, 2021

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Acts 17:10-15

Paul’s missionary journeys were full of excitement, often with very unreceptive audiences and many dangers. In Berea, Paul found a synagogue where the Jews were receptive and open to the gospel. Not only did a church spring forth in the Jewish community, it quickly grew to include Greeks as well. The gospel’s success in Berea was so great that the newborn church soon came under scrutiny from other Jews in the area, and persecution was imminent.

This community banded together to do what was necessary—protect Paul and support him in his continued mission. The church reacted to the coming troubles with prompt organization and decisive action.

It can be tempting to seek out our own personal comfort or added benefits for our particular community during a time of crisis. The love of God, however, prompts us to consider how best to care for other people and continue the message of the gospel, even in our most difficult times. In so doing, we discover God’s hand of provision in our own community and contribute to His love being spread all over the world.

Author: Rachel Campbell

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