The Whole Gospel

February 11th, 2021

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Acts 4:1-12

Peter and John were proclaiming something revolutionary—the resurrection, made manifest through Jesus Christ. Though they had performed an incredible miracle and changed a man’s life, their message was controversial enough to land them in jail. It would have been very easy for them to focus on the positive aspects of their newfound fame and downplay the controversy of the gospel until a more opportune time.

Instead, Peter refused to be silenced. He recognized that the miracle was only possible because of the Holy Spirit, and the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. If Peter did not faithfully preach that message, he was not telling people the truth about what had happened. Even in the presence of the council, Peter boldly proclaimed the name of Jesus Christ.

May we recognize that we must always tell the whole truth about who Jesus is and what He came to do—to save every person and give them new life. Proclaiming anything less than that is a disservice to our Savior.

Author: Rachel Campbell

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