Kingdom Possible

January 15th, 2021

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Mark 10:17-31

My six-year-old daughter Hattie emptied her raccoon change purse on the kitchen counter. She exclaimed in her ever so sassy tone, “I am rich and I am gonna get richer!” She proceeded to tell me how she had taken change from the car, her brother’s room, and even under every couch cushion. She was so very proud of every penny she had earned; I mean stolen. We chatted for a while about why she thought it was important to be rich. It was the perfect dad/pastor teaching moment.

We may not be swindling our siblings, but our minds might stray towards things of the world and away from the things of the kingdom. Being a disciple not only asks us to curb our worldview, but demands it. The disciples are shocked that being kingdom people is a difficult task. Why wouldn’t Jesus welcome a man of wealth into the ranks with open arms and joyful heart? Because Jesus isn’t looking for full pockets, He is looking for sacrifice. It is possible with King Jesus. All things are.

Author: Rachel Kuhn


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