When Jesus Calls

January 14th, 2021

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Mark 4:35-41

Melissa Ohden spoke a powerful message. Between her story as an abortion survivor and the testimonies of many adoptive and foster families, Rachel was a hot mess! She tried to hold things together, but that night it was beyond her control. She wept as God moved. She saw Him in the lives of those who had said yes. She witnessed the miracles He had done. In that moment she heard Him speak to my heart: “Rachel, you are to pursue being a foster mom.”

Let’s fast forward seven months. She sat across from her husband. Her words were laced in concern and uncertainty: “Chad, I am not sure I can do this. What if I am not good enough for these kids? I am scared I will fail.” After all she has seen God do, she was still afraid.

Jesus speaks in moments like this. “Why are you still afraid? Do you still have no faith?” Then I am reminded, if the waves and the wind calm when Jesus calls, I will do the same.

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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