January 13th, 2021

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Mark 4:21-34

I never quite grasped the sacrifices of war. I sat across the room from my grandfather, his eyes etched with years of love and laughter but at that moment I saw fear. He shared about his time in the Marine Corp. At a mere 18 years of age, Lowell Thomas Maley served his country, between United States involvement in the Korean and Vietnam wars. He resolutely described the fear he felt as his ship sat off the coast of Beirut, Lebanon. He watched and waited all night as bombs lit up the shoreline. The middle east was stirring with turmoil, so was his stomach. He never had to toss a live grenade or shoot at an enemy. To that he says, “Thank God.”

I could have simply heard my grandfather’s story and moved on, but instead, I allowed the story to move me. I listened carefully, considered his words, measured their meaning, and allowed them to change me. Is this not what the word of God, the parables of Jesus, should do in us as well?

Listen! Let the words sink into your heart and mind. Allow them to transform you today.

Author: Rachel Kuhn

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