An Anonymous Gift

November 4th, 2020

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Matthew 6:25-34

Around six years ago, we received an anonymous gift. It wasn’t an outrageous sum, but as a young pastoral couple with small children, it was a generous gift in our eyes. We contemplated what we might do with this unexpected sum of money. We decided to put the money into our savings account and pray about how best to use it.

Just a few short days after receiving this gift our oldest daughter was admitted to the hospital where she remained for three days. She was three then and we were still working through an asthma diagnosis, trying to sort out medication, and get her into a healthy place.

The moment she was admitted to the hospital we knew that the anonymous gift had been from God. He provided for us before we even knew we needed it. Now, God doesn’t always drop money from the sky when we face hard times. But Matthew 6:26 promises that God will provide for our needs, whatever they may be. Take a moment to remember how God has provided for you this far.

Author: Kristin Gilmore

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