Life-Giving Endeavors

November 5th, 2020

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John 10:1-10

Take a moment to think about all the different things in your life that vie for your loyalty.

Jobs are demanding. Community organizations guilt us into volunteering. Children’s sporting events fill our evenings and our weekends. Social gatherings draw us in. None of these things, in and of themselves, are necessarily bad. Work is vital to our well-being. Volunteering in our communities is uplifting and powerful. Children are given skills and taught values of hard work and fair play when they participate in team sports. And we were made for community, so gathering together has the potential to bring great joy to our lives.

The trouble comes, not when we are busy, but when we seek to find life and the fulfillment of our purpose through a hundred means other than Christ. None of these extra-curricular activities has the potential to save us or to give us life to the full. Only Jesus Christ, and the life lived seeking after Him can fulfill our deepest desires.

How have you traded hope in Christ for hope in busyness?

Author: Kristin Gilmore

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