Listening for God

September 11th, 2020

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1 Kings 19:7-13

The voice of God is a mysterious thing. Some people know it well, by mere instinct. Others spend their lives never feeling like they can fully understand what God has for them. And sometimes, like the prophet Elijah, our weariness can make it even more difficult to sense the presence of God. Perhaps we long for God to show up in thunder, power, grandeur, or neon lights.

Could it be that our hopes for a mighty king have kept us from seeing God in the small things? The breath of the wind as it whispers through the leaves. The spontaneous smiles of a newborn baby.

God is never more than a whisper away. And while there may be times when God speaks and moves in loud ways, more often we hear the voice of God best in the quiet moments. God speaks gently to us, with words full of love and kindness, even in times of correction. Ask God to help you tune out all the noise and commotion in order to focus on the still quiet voice today.

Author: Kristin Gilmore


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