The Long Way Around

September 10th, 2020

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Exodus 13:17-22

As a child, I remember my dad taking us the long way on family vacations. He preferred the two-lane highways to the busy interstate. Back then, I didn’t see much difference or really care what route he took. Now, as a parent of littles myself, the thought of adding any extra time to our trip makes me cringe.

What if, however, the long way around is actually the best possible path for our growth and safety? What if God purposely asks us to take the longer journey, to bypass the interstate or follow unforeseen detour signs, so that we might come out on the other side more prepared for life’s bumps and bruises? It may not seem like it while we walk that longer path, but sometimes the long way around is God’s way of protecting us.

No matter what danger may or may not lie ahead, following God the long way is always the best path. And when God leads, we must step out in faith, trusting that God’s provision and protection will surround us.

Author: Kristin Gilmore

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