Where Is Your Hope?

August 3rd, 2020

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Psalm 42:1-5

What are we to do when life becomes overwhelming? Have you ever lived through a difficult time when answers seemed vague, when hope seemed lost, and when God seemed distant?

For many, including Biblical heroes (Isaiah, Elijah, King David, and Jesus to name a few), life was not always happy-go-lucky celebrations. There was agony, despair, darkness. And, there was surrender.

Charles Spurgeon, a famous preacher from the 1800s, once said, “I would sooner walk in the dark and hold hard to a promise of God, than to trust in the light of the brightest day that ever dawned.” The psalmist here agrees. “Put your hope in God,” regardless of the fear and despite the darkness (v. 5). Don’t be downcast for God alone is worthy of our praise. Fear not! For He is my Savior and my God.

Don’t be fooled: seasons of difficulty do not mean God has abandoned you. In fact, He has not. Regardless of the circumstances in which you find yourself, His Word is true.

Author: Aimee Stone Cooper

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