Hope In God

August 4th, 2020

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Psalm 42:6-11

“[T]herefore I remember. . . .” Amidst the agony of Psalm 42, we are reminded that God is still a trustworthy, saving God, and He is still worthy of our praise. We are also encouraged to remember; a powerful exercise in revisiting the gifts of the past so that they can minister to us again in the present.

We see in verse 8 the promise which also is given to us in James “Come near to God and he will come near to you” (4:8). The psalm declares agony, and the psalmist longs for answers and comfort. Just yesterday we read “why so downcast?”. But, here, the Lord lends His love and gives a song.

Sometimes, amidst despair and unfulfilled longing, we can forget that our great God longs to be with us, to sustain us, to encourage us, and to love us deeply. When we can’t find the words, and don’t have the strength, still God is there. Drawing us to Him and giving us what we need most: the gift of himself.

Author: Aimee Stone Cooper

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