Hope-Filled Rest

August 2nd, 2020

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Psalm 62:1-12

What does it mean for our soul to find rest, or to wait in silence? Does it have to do with our schedule—how busy we are, or how much sleep we get? While our body and soul are not to be separated in the experience of and care for our whole being, there would seem to be a different dynamic at work for our soul to find rest.

Psalm 62 contrasts our soul’s rest with being shaken (v. 2, 6) and unstable (v. 3). It compares this rest to having the stability of a rock and the protection of a fortress (v. 2, 6), and expounds on it by describing the salvation (v. 1) and hope (v. 5) that come from God.

The soul’s rest isn’t about an open schedule or lots of sleep (as lovely as those things are!) but is focused on the stability of our inner being. Like the calm at the bottom of the sea, even during a raging storm on the surface, our soul can have rest and find peace as we wait in silence and focus on the hope we have in Christ.

Author: Deanna Hayden

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