New Life In The Desert

July 16th, 2020

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Isaiah 51:1-6

God has exiled the people of God. They left the land of promise, having seen the walls crumble and places that they loved go up in smoke. Looking back, they wondered if they would ever see this place again. Each step in the desert led them to a place they did not want to go: a place of barrenness, a place of exile.

Yet, throughout the story of God, God uses barren women to give birth to new life, bringing hope to a story which others thought had died. God reminds the people, “my salvation will last forever, my righteousness will never fail” (v. 6). Our God is a God of compassion and once again new life will spring from the barren desert.

Remember who God is. Remember from where we come. We are part of the family of Abraham and Sarah. We are a people of new life in the desert. Lift up your eyes, remember who God is, and remember from where you come.

Author: Sarah Coker-Voigt

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