Blessings of New Life

July 17th, 2020

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Hosea 14:1-9

The people of God had turned away from Him, relying instead on themselves and the work of their own hands. Again and again, God called for them to return. God waited, at times with righteous anger. God gave opportunity, again, to turn around, to repent, to change direction. Even though they did not always listen; God yearned to show compassion. God did not let go of this people; God offered healing and new life, once again. God loved this people and would not let go.

And with the offer of new life comes new growth springing up from the ground. This growth, this beauty, cannot be attributed to any other than the Almighty, the Creator God. By no work of our own, but only by the grace and presence of God, will this fruitfulness come.

God yearns to offer blessing, fruitfulness, and new life if we would but turn around, repent, and change directions.

Author: Sarah Coker-Voigt

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