Who Can Understand?

July 15th, 2020

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Ecclesiastes 7:19-25

We are a people who like to understand, to know; we like to hold tight onto that which we believe in our own two hands. And yet, belief is bigger than that which we can grasp. It is trust, loyalty, faith; belief reminds us of that which we cannot understand.

Wisdom teaches us how to live well; how to choose between the paths presented before us. The writer of Ecclesiastes reminds us of the paths, both straight and crooked, that God has given to the people of God. Some of these paths might be understood to be good, others bad. Yet, the writer of wisdom reminds us that God has made the one as well as the other (v. 7). Who can understand this?

Wisdom makes one powerful; perhaps not because one then understands all there is to know of God, but because one doesn’t. Perhaps wisdom comes as we give voice to that which we do not know. And yet, we continue to have faith, to trust, to be loyal to God, Creator of All.

Author: Sarah Coker-Voigt


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