What Gives Life?

July 14th, 2020

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Proverbs 10:1-11

In what ways do we see and feel and know newness, peace, and resurrection in the world around us? Take a moment to pause, to notice, and to name these practices, places, and people.

These verses in Proverbs 10 remind us of the interconnected nature of God’s creation; we are bound to each other. Our lives are interwoven with the lives of our families, our children, and our communities.

Everyday moments have the ability to either give or break, in some way, the life that God has given us. We are connected to each other because of the life of Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the life-breath of the Holy Spirit, always and forever. We are part of the loop of God’s love in our world and so we must belong to each other; we must go together. This is what binds us together.

And so, we ask, what brings forth life? How can we share in this work? In what ways can we remember our connectedness as a gift and blessing for our world?

Author: Sarah Coker-Voigt

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