Seeking The Truth

May 14th, 2020

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John 9:35-41

The blind who now had full sight must have been bewildered. Thrown out of the temple? He was just telling the truth! Then Jesus had compassion on the man and specifically looked for him (v. 35).

The encounter between the two is beautiful. The man still had no idea who Jesus was but was eager to know. After his treatment by the Pharisees, it is not hard to guess that he wanted nothing to do with their version of “truth.” The man immediately becomes a believer because he had come face to face with Truth in the person of Jesus.

Today, many people are attracted by lies and deceit, at first. Eventually though, we all yearn to know the truth. People in this world are seeking authentic worship, truth as Jesus taught it, and the compassion and love that God demonstrated in the life of our Savior. People are not looking for religious people who think they know it all. They are drawn to Christ-followers who look less like Pharisees and more like Christ.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse

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