Fearless Witness

May 15th, 2020

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Acts 4:13-22

Peter and John were empowered by the Spirit to teach, preach, and heal. Like Jesus, they ran into trouble with the authorities. Their message was one of the resurrected Christ and the reconciliation with God that was available to all who believed. These faithful disciples were persecuted for their message. The teachers of the Law were terrified of their influence, but nothing—not prison, not confrontation, not threats—could stop them. They were compelled to continue preaching the Good News.

The world does not like the message of Christ. Some are still persecuted to the point of death. Some believers, however, sit in the position of the Pharisees and pass judgement on the work God is doing in and through others. Other believers are fearful and isolate themselves from those who might criticize them. There is a third group, however. Those whose testimony about what they have seen and heard is so powerful that nothing can silence them.

Author: Carol Rittenhouse

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