Resurrection Gives Hope

April 7th, 2020

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Acts 23:1-11

The early years of Christianity were not a terribly safe time for the followers of Jesus. The church was expanding, new congregations were popping up all over the known world, but at the same time those early followers faced intense opposition and persecution.

The early Church was not all miracles, obstacle-free evangelism, and easy living. In Acts 23, Paul gets punched in the face at the order of the High Priest in Jerusalem. He’s been there before, having been beaten, flogged, and even nearly stoned to death during his missionary journeys.

In the midst of this mess, however, Paul was guided by the deep, life-changing message he had been given: Jesus is Lord, and in Him people are offered the hope of the resurrection. It’s a hope that stands and proclaims life, light, and hope in the midst of abuse, darkness, and despair. It’s the hope of the resurrection that the same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead can raise us, too.

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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