Darkness Flees

April 8th, 2020

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Acts 26:12-20

Our house was originally built by an electrical engineer. Our living room/dining area has 34 light bulbs in that one room alone. If you flip all the light switches in that room, you will quickly discover one very important fact about light: in the presence of light, darkness flees.

When someone turns from darkness to light—from the power of Satan to God—the power of the darkness is immediately broken and shown for what it is: powerless when in the presence of the light. Darkness has power only when the lights are off. Turn on the lights, and darkness ceases to exist. Its very existence is dependent on the absence of light.

As ambassadors of the Light of the World, we too have the opportunity to help open peoples’ eyes, turn them to the light, and find their place among those sanctified by faith. So it is with spiritual darkness as well. Let’s start flipping some switches and sending the darkness packing!

Author: Mark Hendrickson


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