First Hand Knowledge

March 24th, 2020

RG Audio 032420


John 17:1-8

Have you ever embarked on a journey or project toward a certain goal only to realize the real joy and beauty wasn’t in the outcome but the journey itself? In spiritual quests, we often discover that answered prayer requests, newfound truths, fresh vision, or clarified purpose all pale in comparison to the intimate companionship we find with God along the way.

In addition to Jesus’ explicit teaching on prayer, we have His prayer life itself as an example and model to guide us. Jesus is praying that others would know the glory and love and intimate fellowship that He himself has with the Father. Even more, that this very knowledge is eternal life!

Even as Jesus is facing His own suffering and death, He’s calling out on behalf of others. It’s not a request that they reach a destination or get a reward, but that they know the only true God. Knowing God, as the Son knows the Father in the glory they shared before creation, this is eternal life.

Author: Jamison Sandbloom


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