A Genuine Simplicity

March 23rd, 2020

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Matthew 6: 5-15

On an evening run through a city suburb in December, I was reflecting on the lights and décor of the holiday season. I saw plenty of big houses with lots of lights and expensive decorations. I remember feeling checked. The grandiose designs and flashy furnishings seemed contrary to the humility of the Christmas story.

Similarly, in Matthew 6, we’re reminded of the spirit and posture of prayer that reflects the heart of God. Jesus differentiates authentic prayer of the kingdom from that of the hypocrites and pagans. In quite simple and straightforward direction, He communicates the style of prayer that is pleasing to the Father. It isn’t verbose or attention-seeking. Jesus invites us to lay aside the ornamentation and polish that we might otherwise be drawn to and often tempted to employ. He teaches us to simply, honestly, and even secretly, pray to our Father in heaven.

How might we more genuinely seek and pray this week?

Author: Jamison Sandbloom


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