Grab Your Shovel

March 22nd, 2020

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Acts 20:17-24

My close friend was the chairperson for our city’s annual Christmas parade. The residents loved this unique parade and packed Main Street each year in support.

Less than twenty-four hours before the parade, Kim called me in a panic. The man who owned the horses which would pull Santa’s sleigh (the final and climactic entry of the parade) had broken his leg. This meant he wouldn’t be available to walk behind Santa’s sleigh, shoveling up all the “presents” left by the horses. Kim was desperate to find a second-string scooper. “Pastor, I’ve called everyone I know and struck out . . . would you do it?”

The passionate conviction with which the apostle Paul went about his ministry often left him in difficult situations. His opponents went to great lengths to attempt to stifle Paul’s ministry. They tarnished his reputation. Threw him in prison. They sought to humiliate and destroy him.

I cannot begin to imagine the severe testing (including death) many followers of Jesus have faced over the years. They served their Lord faithfully. Would you do it? The world is waiting. Grab your shovel.

Author: Kevin Hancock

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