Under My Table

March 6th, 2020

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Galatians 3:26—4:7

In your home growing up, did you ever hear the warning, “As long as your feet are under my table, you’ll abide by my rules”? There are seasons of development when children begin to gain confidence in their independence. A curfew is broken, a forbidden piece of clothing makes a public appearance, a family rule is bent or placed aside.

Each of our children respond to instructions and rules differently. For the most part, they participate in our family structure without causing any struggle; but then there’s always that one rule, and that one kid.

One of the ways the “warning” mentioned earlier affected me profoundly was that the table in our home was a symbol of love. We ate together every day at our table. My parents prayed together at the table. We welcomed guests at our table. We laughed and cried together at the table. So, to sit with my feet under the table was a privilege.

May we experience the fullness of God as we put our feet under the table of the Lord together.

Author: Joel Tooley

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