Life Under The Umbrella

January 8th, 2020

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Matthew 23:13-24

Some Christ followers live under a very dark umbrella. The enemy of our soul markets this umbrella under the brand name “legalism.” Follow the rules! Do good works! What isn’t advertised is that this umbrella lets more rain in than it keeps out. It’s very difficult to see the Light of Truth from under it. The cost is peace, joy, and freedom.

Legalism worships the rules. Love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness threaten the legalistic way of life.

God prefers His children to use a different umbrella. Rules, while important, take a second place to mercy. Hope, peace, and joy compose this umbrella. Jesus Christ paid the price for it with His life when He died on the cross and was raised from the dead. He chose the path of mercy so that we could choose it too.

Consider living in the light of God’s resurrection power, His umbrella of mercy.

Author: Andrea Simms Talley


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